The Typical Design Process:
Due to the complexity of design and construction, most projects are broken down into steps or Phases. Smaller projects may involve combining some Phases and larger projects may require additional Phases. Each Phase, when complete, is approved by the Client before proceeding to the next Phase. This step by step process insures strong communication and understanding of the design elements. Each Phase provides an opportunity for a "Review" with all Team Members and a chance to compare the design with initial expectations and budget. The Phases below are listed chronologically.

Schematic Design Phase: Includes intial Sketches, Models, Plans, etc... to illustrate the Client's needs transformed into Design Concept.

Design Development: Includes Refined Plans, Sections, Elevations, Materials Research and beginning of Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Systems.

Construction Documents Phase: Includes Final Plans, Sections, Elevations, Details, and Specifications for bidding, permitting and construction. These documents become part of the Construction Contract.

Bidding and Negotiation Phase: Includes coordination of the bidding for construction and negoatiations with the contractor. There are many methods for selecting and working with a Contractor. We have worked with Owners and Contractors in many various methods. At the beginning of the project we will discuss which method best fits your needs.

Construction Administration Phase: Includes representation of the Owner and insuring that the Construction Documents are being followed. This may involve Site Visits to observe* and report on the Contractor's Progress, Submittal Approvals, Substitution Requests, and Contractor Request for Payment Approvals.

* Contractor is solely responsible for Construction Methods, Techniques, Schedules and Procedures.

Architectural Fees

Estimated Fees
Each project is evaluated in terms of schedule, budget, and scope of work to determine the design fee. We can provide a Fee Estimate based on a Percentage of the Estimated Costs of Construction, a Fixed Fee, or provide work on an Hourly Basis at our Regular Billing Rates, whichever is best suited for your project. The first step for any project is for us to meet with you and provide you with a fee proposal based on your specific project needs.